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The Story of Julia and Veronika

The year was 2008. Julia, my narcissist, was, at the time, married to her first husband, Fred.  According to Julia, Fred was, for all intents and purposes, a lazy leech.  He refused to work and did nothing but stay home all day and, as it was relayed to me, “…play video games and watch porn,” […]

I Forgive You

egular readers may recall my perspective on forgiving my narcissist, Julia.  If you’re not a regular reader, or perhaps don’t recall my position, in essence, I refused to forgive Julia because, as with all narcissists, she was fully aware of her actions, completely cognizant that all of her lying, cheating, manipulation, triangulation, trauma bonding, gaslighting, […]

Diving In🧜‍♀️

fter quite a bit of introspection, I’ve decided to venture back into the dating pool. It’s been well over a year since I walked away from my narcissist – time I’ve spent healing, rebuilding, and recreating – and while I’m not eager, per se, to become involved with someone, I will admit to missing sharing […]

Moving On

n an article a few weeks back, I shared that my narcissist and her husband had moved to South Dakota.  Up until news of their migration, I knew one of two possibilities was only a matter of time until fruition: either I’d run into them at some point, someplace in town, or they’d move and […]


veryone who hurts us becomes terrible.”  Veronika’s words to me this past weekend.  Apparently, my narcissist of 4-½ years, Julia, and her new husband, Arty, had just moved from our fair city in Tennessee to South Dakota. Needless to say, I was more than mildly pleased at the prospect of there no longer being any […]

Mawwiage, That Bwessed Awwangement

egular readers may recall that in late-November 2019, I was contacted by Veronika, who you might remember from several other articles, informing me that Julia, my narcissist, and Artie, Veronika’s ex-fiance, had gotten married.  This blessed union comes on the heels of a “lengthy” four-month courtship.  You might also recall that my first reaction was […]

How Could You?

t was the last Sunday of November 2019 when the call came through.  Veronika, whom you might remember from A Smorgasbord of Crumbs, The Prophecy is Fulfilled, and What Happens When a Narcissist Falls for a Narcissist, exclaimed, “Julia and Artie got married!”  You see, Julia was my narcissist of 4-½ years and Artie was […]

A Smorgasbord of Crumbs

ave you noticed how the narcissist is perpetually expectant that you be there, available to them whenever and wherever they might be, regardless of what is going on in your life?  But it’s rare that they are ever just as readily available for you?  Or worse yet, they leave you feeling you’re, at best, a […]

The Prophecy Is Fulfilled

his past Saturday, I received a text from Veronika.  You may recall Veronika was briefly mentioned in What Happens When a Narcissist Falls for a Narcissist?  In essence, Veronika texted stating she’d just witnessed my narcissist, Julia, and Veronika’s ex-fiance, “Artie,” on a romantic stroll in a local park.  Veronika relayed to me that Julia […]

What Happens When A Narcissist Falls For A Narcissist?

ave you ever wondered what happens when one narcissist becomes romantically involved with another narcissist?  Here you have two very insecure, remarkably fragile, immature personalities constantly vying for control, attention, affection – it isn’t pretty.  And what’s worse, in the end, one of the two is going to win.  So what happens when a narcissist […]

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